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Mr. Bhagirathy Raja

  • 12 years of experience as a Software Professional, accomplished Domestic and International exposure in operations..
  • During her Tenure at Infosys she successfully implemented projects at various locations of the globe to the scale from 2 billion to 50 Billion.
  • Also managed the team size of 750.
  • Certified Data Analyst.
  • Expertise in Project Planning and Execution.
  • Expertise in interpreting and analysing Data in order to drive successful business solutions.
  • Proficient knowledge in business statistics & analytics.
  • Created plenty of business analytical tools for effective analyses of data.
  • Successfully completed the Data mining, Data modelling, statistical analysis and business intelligence projects.
  • Having exposure in designing customized and industry specific Dashboards for easy understanding of reports.
  • Handled 40+ Data analytics projects with Pointblank.
  • Director of Pointblank Business Consulting Private Limited and CEO of Dataception Business Intelligence Private Limited.